Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reasons not to think during class

It all started when the instructor told us to stand with feet hip width apart. I watched as half the class in my view range took a big step out. Instantly I remembered a yoga instructor pointing out that we must all think we have huge hips if where we placed our feet was the definition of hip width. Within seconds I had made a mental note to mention that at some point. For the rest of the class I couldn't focus on anything but what I wanted to write. So hear is what I learnt: a few reasons not to write blog posts in your head during a body balance class.

Feeling silly: When the instructor goes left and 30 other people follow, except you. Because you were still mulling over all the other interesting things that you have noticed in the gym since you walked in 5 minutes ago.

Body rebellion: Because you aren't paying attention to your body whilst holding the various poses you get cramps in odd places. Like your feet whilst doing a balance pose. You avoid toppling over with difficulty and endeavour to start focusing right then and there.

This one was actually useful: Which last about 5 seconds until you begin wondering if anyone knows the reason why they do balance poses straight after standing strength when your leg muscles are the most fatigued and hence it's most difficult to hold the position without shaking. You resolve to ask the instructor at the end simply so that you can enlighten others who may have been wondering the same thing.

Feelings of inadequacy: Seeing as you aren't paying attention anyway, even in the darkened room you notice what everyone else is doing. And you wonder why everyone else can reach forward way further than you. You resolve to stretch more because you feel woefully inadequate.

Disturbing others: Absentmindedly you hit someone else whilst sweeping your arms across your body, because you didn't notice how far to one side you had travelled. Apologetically you shuffle back over to your own spot.

Not relaxing: And finally you see relaxation as a perfect opportunity to go over all your wonderful thoughts during the class, which is the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

How about you? Any stories from classes you've been to when you couldn't pay attention?


  1. Me me me! In aikido its all about the mental challenge- if my mind is elsewhere, my technique fails horribly. I've got a bad habit of letting my mind wander while exercising... actually it makes things like riding a bike down the street problematic, because I almost crash into cars.

    And? Did you like your class? Sounds like a god learning experience, anyway!

    - Sagan

  2. Funny! I definitely day dream in class!

  3. As an instructor and a student I can appreciate this. I have had my moments in both roles and the teacher thing is very embarrassing. When you do something wrong everyone follows you ugh.Don't beat yourself up.

  4. Sagan - Oh dear, that sounds dangerous! Yes I love the class and it's definitely a learning experience in mind control.

    Rebecca - Glad I'm not the only one

    Kristi - Now that would be funny!



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