Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Maintaining a healthy body

It’s so great to be back! You see, my biggest computer problem apparently wasn’t iTunes. I didn’t actually manage to get that working. In fact, I probably made things worse, by downloading a program that was supposed to help, but instead was a known virus. Thanks computer forums! It turns out, that wasn’t even the biggest issue as my savvy computer brother informed me. Apart from a variety of nasty worms and bugs, I had compressed my entire hard drive, my disk was badly fragmented and the virus buster not up to scratch. Basically it was slow, stuffed and at risk of intrusion by hackers. So after a stint at the doctors, I’m glad to say my computer is back and in good health.

Needless to say, being internet and computer free nearly drove me crazy, after all how can you resolve discussions if you can’t ask google and find out who is right? Yes, I know, it’s not about being ‘right’ but really it is, especially when the person you are debating with is making stuff up. I hate that. Annoyed as I was for this enforced separation between me and google, oops I mean the lap top, I figured it was after all my fault for not maintaining my computer properly. As with anything in life (like a virus buster) you get what you pay for (if it’s free, not much). So if I didn’t maintain my poor computer properly, how was I doing with other things in life? How well was I actually looking after my health? Am I preforming well on the surface, but full of wisdom teeth that should have been removed, I mean bugs underneath that only an expert would know about? I’ve grown more and more concerned about this, because I am terrible with maintenance. I don’t go to the doctor or dentists until I absolutely can not stand whatever is ailing me any more. I’ve spent the last week wondering what I should be doing to maintain my health to avoid needing the doctor in the first place. Thanks to google, here are the answers and as it turns out, today is also World Health Day.

I should point out, that my only qualification for giving out such advice is that I have a body, probably like you do, which would not make me a credible source. So, please don’t consider the following as advice. Any use of the information below is at your own risk. Sources of information may or may not be accurate, please do your own research for your own circumstances.
  1. Wear earplugs

  2. Get enough sleep

  3. Wear good quality polarized sunnies that block UVA and UVB

  4. Know your body composition

  5. Know your family’s health history

  6. Know your cancer risk

  7. Know your cholesterol levels. Check every 5 years.

  8. Know your resting heart rate

  9. Keep your waist below 80cm

  10. Eat loads of veggies

  11. Eat everything in moderation

  12. Spend time with friends and family

  13. Laugh, lots

  14. Take time out to relax

  15. Have lots of sex

  16. Avoid taking antibiotics

  17. Don’t overeat

  18. Avoid processed food

  19. Limit alcohol intake and have alcohol free days

  20. Brush floss and mouthwash daily

  21. Slip, slop, slap

  22. Exercise daily

  23. Regularly do a self breast exam

  24. Avoid watching tv or using the pc just before bed time

  25. Relax before going to bed

  26. Drink up to 3 cups of coffee a day (Organic, fair trade, shade grown)

  27. Keep a personal medical record dairy

  28. Keep emergency contact details in your wallet and phone as well as a list of allergies or drug sensitivities, or conditions you have

  29. Improve your self esteem

  30. Volunteer

  31. Stop over analysing

  32. Meditate

  33. Avoid high heels

  34. Wear a bike helmet and wear it properly

  35. Stretch after every workout

  36. Build up muscle

  37. Check your vaccinations are up to date

  38. Alway wear a seatbelt and don’t speed either, or talk on the mobile or drink & drive

  39. Find out if your definition of healthy food is the same as your bodies

  40. During child bearing years, get enough folate

  41. Visit the dentist every 6 months

  42. Screen for STD’s

  43. Practise safe sex
  44. Get your skin checked annually for melanoma’s

  45. Check your moles regularly and notice any changes

  46. Get an annual breast and pelvic exam and pap smear

  47. Get your eyes tested annually

  48. Get an annual mammogram after 40.

  49. Every 2-3 years get a physical checking heartbeat, blood pressure, height and weight

  50. Screen for diabetes after 45 every 2-3 years

  51. Get a thyroid check after 35 every 5 years

  52. Have a properly functioning smoke detector

  53. Use your brain, regularly.

  54. Get a pet or a plant (and don’t kill either of them)

  55. Wear properly fitted bras

  56. Stop smoking

  57. Drink enough water, but not too much

  58. Be positive

  59. Sit and stand tall

  60. Throw out the mascara after a month

  61. Find a good trainer who teaches safe exercise

  62. Find a good doctor/dentist/physio/shrink who listens

  63. Wear properly fitted exercise shoes and replace them regularly

  64. Swim between the flags and become a strong swimmer

  65. Learn first aid – it might save someone’s life

  66. Don’t kill snakes, that’s how most people get bitten

  67. Don’t do stupid stuff like swimming under the influence

  68. Be a smart traveller, know the dangers

Now over to you. What have I missed or got totally wrong?
*Edit - apart from the font....apparently not all is well :-(


  1. I love the "use your brain, regularly" one! It's so true...use it or lose it! This is a great list! THanks for sharing!


  2. What a list, happy I can check a few off at least :)

  3. AWESOME list. If it makes you feel any better, my computer has been super crappy lately- my documents won't save on Microsoft Word so I had to redo some papers the day before they were due. *cue freak out*

    But hurray for World Health Day :)

    - Sagan

  4. think you got most of them I love #2,11,12,14,and 46 the most



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