Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hair care or a lack thereof

There are times when it's probably a good thing you only know me on the bloggosphere not in reality. Additionally, living on the other side of the planet might be a good thing too just in case you happen to pass my way. I say this as though I have no faith in the experiment I have decided to once again do. Well maybe I don't! When I wrote about not using shampoo the comments overwhelmingly suggested that some of you may stop if given a sufficiently compelling reason. So, I was inspired again to try to provide that reason. I'm not sure why. I have a suspicion that it has to do with my own inexplicable desire to stop washing my hair. Not that I don't like doing it, because some days I have to stop myself from reaching for the shampoo because its such a nice thing to do. No, it's more likely that when it comes to hair care (amongst other things) I am extremely lazy. My hair always seems to need washing at the most inconvenient times and I usually find myself going out with wet, un-styled hair. I often laugh at myself for sporting the drowned rat look and hope that one day I might be cool enough for the look to catch on. Whenever my hair dresser asks if I blow dry my hair I suggest that if her definition of 'blow drying' is winding the window down in the car, then yes I do it frequently. What about product? Well, the idea of styling my hair with it's own oil actually sounds rather fuss free which greatly appeals. So, while I do get grossed out by greasy hair, especially that's been scrunched under a hat all day (happens every weekend) I can certainly see the appeal of not washing. So I'm giving the no hair washing another go, for as long as I can last.

This time around I am following some sage advice with using a bicarb soda recipe to help control the oil and a rinse to keep my hair nice and soft. The recipes can be found here. I'm aiming at doing this about twice a week.

A few of the benefits from last time include:
  1. Not needing to wash as frequently. I used to wash every 2 days and at the end of the second it already looked lanky. After the last no shampoo stint and despite aforementioned hat weekends and exercising daily with various amounts of sweating I can stretch to a week.
  2. Fewer knots. My hair loves to knot. I recently cut it back to my shoulders after spending half an hour untangling after wearing it out one evening. It tangles less when it isn't squeaky clean.
  3. Less frizz. My beautifully washed, soft silky hair does not look like in the shampoo ads. I get little horns from the side with a light frizz all over and my hair isn't even close to curly. My unwashed hair does not have this problem, a big upshot when styling and not wishing to use copious amounts of product with dubious ingredients.
So anyone else interested in joining in?!


  1. Im a daily washer and sadly I still need this (thanks fine!limp!hair) even at my age...

  2. Sounds like an interesting experiment!

    But... uh, not for me. As I've gotten older I've found can get by with shampooing a lot less (2-3 times a week), and this seems to suit me just fine.

    For you, though, it's sounds like it works out great!

  3. Will be interested to see how this goes! I'm always too lazy to blowdry etc too :) I wash my hair every day or every other day, depending on if I can be bothered to... hehe.

    - Sagan

  4. I wash my hair every other day usually but if I pull it back, I can usually stretch it to 3 days max. I use minimal product (but definitely some for the curls) and I use a diffuser to dry it on work days, and let it air dry on weekends.

    I'm interested to see how this goes but I'm a little skeptical about joining in yet. My hair after a major workout needs a wash!

  5. MizFit - well there is nothing like a coating of natural oils for plumper fine hair. It just doesn't do much for the limp bit.

    Crabby - Yes there are advantages. The oiliness does drive me banana's though.

    Sagan -'s driving me crazy already! Am determined to persevere

    Gemfit - suprisingly sweatiness isn't much of an issue as the hot water is supposed to melt the sweat away. Yum right? The oiliness is not fun though.

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