Monday, April 27, 2009

It's a sign and other tidbits

For those of us who tend to enjoying over analysing stuff, like signs on bus stops, well the plot thickens. Some posts back I wrote about the sign on the bus stop that on my daily walk burst my bubble of smugness. You know the one about 'how do you measure up?' which reminds me that I am not perfect. Well as an aside, I have reached the conclusion that I will never 'measure up' unless I start measuring my waist in a different spot which conveniently is not located near my belly button like the woman in the picture. Actually, if you can advise where to measure your waist that would be most useful. But in any case, the sign is gone! World domination here I come. It's been replaced with......

....yes, that is spaghetti and meatballs. White spaghetti, just think of the lack of nutritional benefits and hit of glucose to the blood stream!?! Oh the horror. What does this all mean, why do they like to confuse me like this! Well, I thought it was funny anyway....

On another sign that needs no analysing but just liked and wanted to share:

"Smiling increases the face value of your assets."

On a final note; an update about the no shampoo experiment. It's been 2 weeks now since I last washed and I was about to give up as in the last few days it got really oily and the bicarb soda and vinegar rinse was doing nothing and combing it 100 times was making it fall out. Seriously, anyone want a wig? Anyway, this morning after a rather liberal 'sprinkle' of bicarb soda it's as clean and soft as though I had used shampoo but minus the tangles and frizz despite viscous, I mean therapeutic massaging of the scalp. Could it be that shampoo free is possible?


  1. That's so funny that the signs are sending out such contradictory messages!

    I often read and analyze ads or billboards or song lyrics... I can't seem to turn off that part of my brain!

  2. I over-analyze everything in life except billboards and signs. This one is funny. Thanks for the shampoo review.

  3. Here is a good reason to stop using shampoo; Look up the chemicals in the ingredients of shampoo on a MSDS (material safety data sheet, can be found online)and read about how the stuff that we put on top of our BRAINS are known cancer causing agents. Interesting reading (somewhat boring too). Anyhow it's a very good reason to stop using shampoo. Good Luck!

  4. Crabby - If you ever find the switch, let me know.

    Kristi - Oh you are lucky. I can't exclude anything in my over analyzing!

    Ang - I very much agree and on that note, it's also the toxic chemicals going into our waterways which is another good reason to stop.



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