Wednesday, May 6, 2009

'Because I look good in leather'

Yes, yes I do. Or at least I will (have to). I got a role, I got a role and my theatrical debut is of a jilted bride turned man hating crusader who coincidentally gets dressed up in bondage gear! What an ideal role for me, except of course now comes the tough decision of choosing an appropriate outfit from my wardrobe. Just kidding!

Of course the first thought that came into my head when they asked if I will be comfortable in such a costume on stage was 'Hello Motivation'. Naturally it is motivation to kick my soon to be leather clad ass (in front of an audience of thousands...well maybe about 100) into gear and umm actually do that interval training, as well as weights and say no to cookie number 2. Oops, I hadn't mentioned I was a slack ass had I?

Apart from being pretty shallow (because we all know my fabulous acting talents are what will really carry me through) I have no doubt that leather pants and an audience seated at butt height is a fair reason for wanting to shape up, but it turns out that 'motivation' is flawed. The problem is that when using an event as motivation the timeline is too finite. It goes against slowly changing one's lifestyle to following a regime for a set period of time. At best once the goal is accomplished the exercise gets ramped down and multiple cookies re-enter the diet or the goal is not achievable in which case all too familiar feelings of failure and frumpiness loom on the emotional spectrum. So what to do then?

a) Set a goal and work hard for the next 3 months;
b) accept how I look in leather now and just keep doing what I am doing (2 cookies accepted);
c) or work harder without a time frame because I have just confessed to being slack anyway as well as eating at least 2 cookies each day?

What are you working towards? Have you got a clear time frame or goal in mind? Has motivation worked for you in the past?


  1. Wow you are way brave! I am definitely now leather worthy yet!

    I am delighted you're in for the Five Week Frenzy! If you would like me to report your progress with mine each Monday please shoot me an email with your starting weight today and email each Monday morning with your current weight.

    You can find my email on my profile page if you click the contact button. Here's to that next ten pounds Spring Girl!

  2. Congratulations on getting a role. Woohoo go Spring Girl!

    I chose B and C. With the most emphasis being put on B. Accept what you look like in leather, which is probably way hotter than you think, and enjoy the rehearsals and performances.

    I've totally given up on the time frame type goal, it's never worked for me and I don't think it ever will. I'm all about the slow and steady lifestyle change and it seems to be working out pretty darn well.

  3. Rebecca - will email you.

    Berni - Thank you! I'm very excited and I agree with the time frame. Slow and steady (with treats!) is best.



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