Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Establishing a routine....gulp

Before I have time to change my mind about this 5K thing, I'm committing to a routine. You should know, that I absolutely despise routines so sticking to one may actually be harder then training. I wrote yesterday about not wanting to do it because of flawed motivation but since committing I realised I am ubber excited by the prospect of me being able to run for 5 whole kilometres. I think it is something I used to dream of in high school. It's time I got on with it then isn't it!?!

So the training plan comes from Cool Running: The Couch-to-5K-running-plan. The tittle sold me, but apart from that it seems simple enough to follow. Later down the track, there are also free training sessions through the race organisers so I hope to join in with those. Now for the really boring part, the actual plan:

Monday - Running training
Tuesday - Cycling & Body Balance
Wednesday - Running training
Thursday - Walk & Fit ball workout
Friday - Running training
Weekend - Walk one day, rest other day

Wow! That feels great just writing it down, I could physically feel the excitement (or was it anxiety) rippling through me. One minor detail - I don't have a suitable watch or distance measuring device (so not tech savvy if you can't tell) other than a trundle wheel (just kidding). Any recommendations on one that may be easy to use? Is following strict times or distances actually necessary? Do you have any training advice?


  1. I like your plan! As a matter of fact, i am going to steal your weekend flexibility--workout on one day and rest the other.

    Can't help with the watch or running...was gonna suggest the trundle wheel. :-) I know there are a lot of bloggers than run, I am just not one of them. But I'll be your cheerleader!!

  2. I'm not a runner, so my advice is practically useless. I do know that the c25k people offer podcast-type mp3 downloads in which they'll tell you when to run and when to stop. To me it seems that an initial focus on following their timings would be a good place to start, and then check out the distances later. Again, though, I'm not a runner, so I have no idea if that's a good idea.

  3. Patty - Does that include pom poms? Weekends are always funny, sometimes it's easy to be active all weekend, others are just spent holed up at home, hence the flexibility.

    Cammy - You're probably right, plus time is easier to measure than distance. I will check out their podcasts - thanks for the tip!

  4. I use my pedometer to measure. Or, it's also helpful to drive the route and track the distance in your car once.

    I'm SO PUMPED that we're both doing this at the same time. Went for a little run on the treadmill today and it felt good!

    - Sagan

  5. IM not a runner (yet) but wanted to add that Ive done so much reading on the closeness of ANXIETY and EXCITEMENT.
    a lot of it is what we choose to see the feeling as.

    here? I call it stresscitement.

  6. Sagan - It does feel great doesn't it!?! Who would have thought :-)

    Miz - That's very interesting. I know the clear choice then - excitement it is!



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