Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Juice and a dance of joy

A colleague was once walking around the office, looking for a suitable distraction to pass the time away until 5pm. He had just finished one conversation and happened past my desk, books in hand. Being bored myself I was delighted with striking up a discussion and those books seemed like an easy topic. One had lots of juicing recipes and the other was "Slim 4 Life" by Jason Vale. 'Wow, what a promise,' I thought, 'gotta borrow me that book.' So borrow I did and read and read and read until there were no more words left by the following day. I was thrilled and in awe because I finally had the answer. All I needed to do was drink freshly squeezed juice for breakfast each morning and eat nothing but fruit and veggies until lunch. And better yet, there was absolutely no way I wouldn't lose weight!

The very next we began our new juicing regime after sneaking to my mom's place and taking her juicer. We bought huge bags of cheap apples and oranges and drank to our hearts content. Life couldn't have looked peachier, except that by the time I got to work I was starving. When 10am came around I'd already drank 5 glasses of water to try to fill my belly along with numerous cups of tea. Unless of course tea wasn't allowed. Thankfully, I don't remember any more. By 11am I wasn't able to think about anything except eating and lunch wasn't happening for another hour.

Convinced that this 'diet' was infallible (I was after all going to lose weight, right?) this continued for the whole week. The big positive was that once I got through the morning I could eat anything I wanted and eat I did! It was also either in the book or I just deluded myself that once my body got used to just juice in the morning it would stop screaming at me.

I must have made it up, because after a month of awful mornings, we gave up and went back to coffee and muesli for breakfast. Needless to say, I didn't lose any weight but probably gained some as my lunches got bigger to compensate for the hunger filled mornings. For a long time after that we didn't juice.

Recently on one not so special morning I decided I felt like some fresh juice. So after buying some fresh fruit and veggies from the markets we juiced after many years. It was as delicious as always but I couldn't help that old feeling of virtuousness. The book had promised that my cells would be dancing with delight at these morning concoctions and from the first sip I could feel it. The nutrients rapidly being absorbed and distributed to the far reaches of my body where the cells started shaking their hips and doing the salsa. It actually feels really odd but each time I drink juice I can't shake the feeling.

Any food or drinks that you feel very virtuous for eating? Does healthy food make your cells dance with joy?


  1. Yeah, fresh home grown heirloom tomatoes! And another one that doesn't tickle my tongue as much, but totally energizes me, is kale.

  2. Love summer fruits which are starting to come out on shelves. yay

  3. Patty - They sound wonderful, I think I shall have to get some seeds. All of mine have come from the compost and they aren't as sweet and juicy.

    Kristi - Mmm mango...yes, summer fruits rock!



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