Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weekend away

I've been away camping the last 5 days. I always mean to write that in advance, but somehow blogging instead of packing on Friday night would not have been cool. Something about pulling my weight or some such nonsense.

I wanted to be a tourist in my own country. We never do that, instead flying overseas (or Tasmania, either way) to look at historic buildings, gorgeous gardens, drink wine and eat cheese. So I googled and googled and googled and ended up with a list easily to fill in 10 days.

We patted sheep - they are soft and curly! Yeah, city girl, I know.

Watched em' being shorn and herded, while listening to a yarn or two.

We tasted loads of wine, savoured cheese platters and wandered around looking at gardens, vineyards, wetlands and even (alleged) mountains.

Oh and walked avoiding these critters, hugged trees and gazed at the stars.

Saw the light at the end of the tunnel, before eating some heavenly lavender scones and hitting the MTB trail.

Ate a cheese ball...after trying some more wine and looking at another wonderful garden.

The best bit? Forgetting about fat, health and fitting in exercise. Moving all day long. Eating when hungry, mostly often and a lot. Not having cravings. No mirrors - lucky since I forgot to bring a comb; fingers are a wonderful invention. Forget about goals or plans for where I want to be in 6 months time.

In the car on the way we talked about MizFit's 'Unapologetically Myself'. Leaving everything behind a few hundred kilometres of bitumen, I decided to live it. Be in the moment. Feel comfortable in my skin. Accept all my peculiarities.

It felt amazing. Now the challenge is to carry that feeling forward today, tomorrow and next week.


  1. This post? Id say it made my day that you talked about me but it's more than that.


    Thank you thank you thank you.

  2. and I tweeted this. hope thats ok.

  3. Being unapologetically yourself...that is completely awesome! (MizFit rocks, doesn't she!).

    The mountain biking looks like loads of fun!

  4. MizFit - Thank YOU for blogging.

    Lance - Yes she does! The ride was awesome, although it got way too technical for my skills.

  5. That's wonderful! A weekend away helps so much with that kind of thing.

  6. What a great trip with an even greater realisation :)

  7. So it looks like you maybe got more out of your vacation than you even intended? It goes to show that our answers are often closer than we think. :) So glad you had such an AMAZING vacation!

  8. Sagan - The perspective that comes from being out of your routine is great.

    Berni - True.

    Cammy - Absolutely. Sometimes you need to be ready for them too.

  9. What great pictures and I am so happy that your vacation was refreshing, relaxing and inspiring.

    I have to ask--do you know what kind of bird that is? We don't have those in Georgia!

  10. Patty - That is a Kookaburra. It's call is very distinctive because it sounds like it's laughing which is a wicked cool thing for a bird to do!



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