Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm crazy about muscle

The warm weather is persisting to my delight. There is nothing I like better than the feel of spring in the air, which would be when it's warm enough to stand in the shade wearing a breezy top and still be warm. So the definition of spring is when the mercury is at 28 degrees.

This means that all around the country writers must be furiously typing away at their keyboards with the one article title that screams summer is just around the corner - "Get a bikini ready body." Well whatever.

They always say that you should dress to flaunt your best assets. And with a couple of singlet wearing days already behind me, I figure that this year's swimsuit will have to be arm/shoulder/bicep highlighting. Cover everything else up, but show off those arms! It's actually sun smart too.

Yup, I'm smitten. The one who just a few months ago whined bitterly about how boring strength training was is now constantly flexing 'em, you know just to make sure they're still there. In fact, this week I've kept having to slowly back away from the dumbbells while rationally reasoning with myself. Less is step backwards...less is more...another step towards the door.

So my arms are aching from yesterday and yet I dream of tomorrow. No, I will not be grabbing the dumbbells at dawn - yeah, like I'd get up at dawn! Nope tomorrow I get to dig 6 large holes and if that won't make my biceps bulge, I don't know what will. Bring on summer. Have a great weekend!


  1. If you got 'em, flaunt 'em. :)

    I find I touch my arms a lot. I ignore the flabby parts, though. :)

  2. and how went the hole digging?

    (settles in and waits for new post complete with photo of you flexing :))

  3. Are the holes for trees? I'm waiting with Miz...

  4. Sagan - Hopefully everyone was watching ;-)

    Cammy - Or flaunt 'em anyway!

    MizFit - I'm sorry, I didn't get photo's :-( I can assure you lots of flexing occured however.

    Patty - We are too cheap to buy actual trees. Ours are always tube stock so not much digging there!



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