Thursday, August 6, 2009

Saying bye to crazy thoughts

It's the fourth day of eating more and amazingly I haven't turned into a gigantasaurus. Yet. Well if it hasn't happened in 3 whole days, I suspect it probably won't. Usually you can see yesterdays 3 pieces of cake right...there on my hips. So my freak out was unfounded.

But, I've been following my food intake closely. Like counting kilojoules. Oh yeah. Apparently I'm happy to do it when trying to eat more, not so great when trying to eat less. Then again I don't need much help with that! It also helps that the dialogue goes something like this:

- I'll eat this, this and this today. Hmm, not enough.
- Ok, I'll eat this too! Still not enough.
- How about this? Well, I could still do with a little more.
- What else can I eat. Damn it there's not enough food in this house!

Would you be surprised to know that I don't have sugar cravings much? That I'm starting to feel hungry all the time again? That cycling was eeeasssy the other day? That my biceps look like they've grown?

Speaking of spending inordinate amounts of time in front of the mirror admiring my biceps. I had some crazy thoughts the other day that needed squelching and fast. I've pretty much settled on two strategies that work well for me:

1. Appeal to my vanity. Stand in front of the mirror and admire all the bits that I like about myself. Point out all the changes, the muscles that are growing and sometimes even laugh a little at the jiggly bits, because they're a part of me too, so I try to do that lovingly. Try on clothes that now fit and ones that used to but now fall off. The other option;

2. Stop thinking about it. Do something else. Especially something creative where I can't think about feeling bad. It's so easy to spend hours worrying and wondering (and dare I say, reading about new exercises or wonder foods) how the next few kilo's will come off, as well as weighing and measuring. At the end of the day, the hard work comes from doing not worrying- eating well, exercising regularly. It doesn't actually take long to do those things, you know, 3-6 meals per day and half an hour of exercise. Less is more with weights. Sometimes it's better to do what needs to be done, then step away and not think about it. Good things come to those who (put the hard work in then) wait.

There you go, my strategies for pressing the "crazy thoughts" off button. They're polar opposites depending on what is appropriate. Both make me feel good about myself. So what do you do to make yourself feel better when the crazy thoughts come knocking?


  1. Those sound like great strategies, and glad to hear it's going so well!

  2. Love your two strategies!

    I like to do both of those two, but sometimes it's also good to get completely away from the mirror. It was great when I went camping for the weekend with a bunch of friends- no mirror, no makeup, just spending time laughing and hanging out with people I adore. No crazy thoughts and I felt super good. It was liberating.

    - Sagan

  3. Mostly I let the crazy thoughts run wild...and then I laugh. Or sometimes I just catch my eyes in the mirror and tell myself to "Stop it." There are days when I sound like a stuck recording, but eventually it takes hold. :)

  4. Love the strategies. Great tips!

  5. Not too many sugar cravings? That is fantastic!

    I like your strategies, and I especially like that they work for you. :-) My way of dealing with it is to repeat one of my favorite sayings: "Thoughts become things, so choose the good ones."

  6. great tips and you KNOW I ADORE the fact you even want the biceps to grow :)

    it's amazing how when we can distract ourselves it is almost laughable how powerful an oreo IS NOT.

    you did mention oreos didnt you?
    or is that just what I am thinking about...

    and it's all about me right? :)

    have a great monday,


  7. Crabby - Thanks.

    Sagan - Yeah, that works brilliantly also.

    Cammy - Oh I love that idea. I am going to seriously try it. Nothing better than laughing hysterically at oneself!

    She-Fit - Thanks.

    Patty - I like the qoute. Definitely one to live by.

    Miz - Would you believe we don't have Oreo's here?



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