Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sweet temptation

Sweets. My ultimate weakness. Well that and staying snuggled up in bed each morning until I absolutely have to get up. But health wise it's cakes, cookies, desserts, chocolate - you name it and if it has sugar in it I want it. So when I set my goal for consistency, the number one dot point I wrote in my diary was to consistently eat less sweets. Seeing as I can count on a plentiful dessert on Sunday night each week I thought perhaps I could limit myself to just that.

So I patiently shared my goal with he who shares my house and gently suggested he do what he can to help me with my resolve. Nothing huge, no change in his routine just perhaps not planting the remains of last nights dessert in a prominent place in the kitchen and asking if I want some.

So within half an hour of our conversation, without saying a word, the creamy apple pie from the day before was on the bench, with one slice carefully plated up. As I got ready to go to rehearsal the entire pie remained on the bench, untouched while he sat right next to it surfing the web.

Upon returning home around 10pm, the plate with the slice had vanished but the rest of the pie still sat in the same spot on the bench. Now that seemed like in your face temptation to me. And yet, in a bizarre un-me like state, I wasn't tempted. Apparently I had made up my mind to stick to my goal in that special way, the one in which I can't be talked out of my decision even by the sweet siren call of creamy apple pie.

Now I can only explain my sweethearts behaviour as either; a) male complete absent mindedness or; b) he's worried soon I shall have more muscle definition than him. The most likely option is a however upon returning home yesterday he started doing chin ups and push ups. I'm sure that has nothing to do with me walking around the house proudly pointing out my biceps and gloating.

Well so far I have remained consistent, but what if my resolve falters at some point? How can I encourage more helpful behaviour from others? Does it actually make any difference or should simple resolve be enough? Have you gotten others to help you with your goals and how?


  1. Good for you! You've done an awesome job on making up your mind about it.

    I suggest re-explaining to him that you want to avoid temptation as much as possible, and that it's fine if he wants to eat those things but that it would be great if he could not leave them lying around. Or, if he could eat the sweets that you don't like, so that there really won't be any temptation! Good luck :)

    - Sagan

  2. Yes, I am almost sure it would be "A" and that Sagan's advice is spot on.

    But apparently you don't need his help--congrats on resisting!

  3. Good for you for resisting!

    I think you were smart to put the focus on your own choices and behavior, and not turn it into a battle of wills. Even if he was subconsciously trying to subvert you, it's easier (and less stressful) to try to control your own behavior than someone else's. But hopefully, he just spaced it out.

  4. Possibly A and B both?

    The only thing you CAN rely on is your resolve. It's great to try to enlist the help of others, but the ultimate choices are up to you. Good for you for making the healthier choice!



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