Thursday, June 18, 2009

Run, run, run

Oh no! They left without us.

Some days bloggyland makes me feel like the luckiest person around. Why? Well, apart from all the thoughtful comments you guys leave me, I can share with you my new found love that the people in real life are sick and tired of hearing about. Running of course! Each time I come in here to post I keep thinking that I could write a really thoughtful post on ageing gracefully or maybe how to get more calcium or various health philosophies. Instead I think, I know I'll write something about running! Won't that be interesting.

For example, I'm now onto week 3 of the C25K and oddly enough it seems easier than week 2. My theory is that running for 3 minutes continuously is easier than two intervals of 1.5 minutes. If anyone knows why, please enlighten me as I would love to know the physiology.

Next fascinating running fact is that I would have though that by the end of each week the workout should get easier, but it never seems to. What I have noticed however is that my recovery time is much shorter than when I started. Again, any explanations?

Hhhmmm. Where next?

Exciting yes? Actually, very few people in the real world know I have even started running as I am being very secretive about it. Perhaps one day when I get the opportunity to slip it into conversation I might just discuss that 5K that I will have run on the weekend.

But perhaps it shouldn't be so. One of the very few people who do know is my husband's colleague who lives locally and happened to be out at the same time I was on a run. When he was in the army he used to regularly run 5K in under 25 minutes and apparently I'm inspiring him to get out there and back in his running shoes. He's hoping to get his wife involved and we even talked about entering a team into the race I am planning to do at the end of August. And that is a wonderful feeling, to think that through my efforts I may encourage others to get active again. It will definitely help ward off the grumpiness on the next run.

And now that I've started this whole spread the feel good fit feeling, do you have any more advice on inspiring other (not so enlightened souls) in the real world to get fit?

PS Yes, the images are totally unrelated.


  1. Spring Girl, this is crazy but I have not told family and friends (I live away from home) that I've started running! :D That's why I started a blog so I can write about my experience and learn from fellow runners. I plan on surprising my family after I finish 10K. Or should I tell them that I can already run 5K straight? :P

  2. I totally agree, that our little bloggin' community gives us a place to talk about the same healthines topic every day, as much as we'd like and there's no rolling of the eyes! Exactly the reason why I started bloggin' actually! I can talk about my workouts & eating over and over again and I don't feel guilty! HA!!

    So glad you found running, sounds like you totally love it!

  3. This weekend? Exciting!

    So good that you love running so much. I've found the same things as you- and no idea why, either :)

    - Sagan

  4. As far as inspiring others, I think you just keep doing what you are doing. When we "discovered" all the benefits of growing your own food, we realized that with in a few years, most of our neighbors had started adding gardens or asking us to start some seeds for them or advise on this or that plant. They just saw what we were doing and were, we think, inspired.

    And thanks for all of your posts and comments. I always look forward to what you have to say!



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