Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Fastest Way to Quit Healthy Habits

It hasn’t hit yet, but give it a couple more days and it will. After all past behaviour is the best predictor of future results right? Previously all my best laid plans for health have fallen to the wayside through this dreaded form of self-sabotage – fat days.

Whenever I start a health regime I become fairly obsessive in checking progress; I’m talking on a daily basis. Body loathing creeps at the end of a few days, when no apparent changes have manifested. I begin to feel horrible about myself and cruelly look at my body. t’s that feeling of frustration, of failed attempts and of having let myself become…..this.

Change in diet and exercise happen one meal at a time, one day at a time, but the thoughts towards my body are constantly bombarding me. What I see in the mirror today has derailed me time and time again. It doesn’t matter that if I keep up the exercise and eat better I will look better, maybe in a few days, or weeks. If I hate the way I look now, I can forget about any hard work that I have put in up to this day, because I will self sabotage all my efforts, ending even the best intentioned ‘diet’ I may begin. No one talks about it (perhaps because others don’t have this problem) but maybe the very first step of any ‘diet’ should look at the way you feel about your body.

I took this quiz and yup I have a fair way to go. The question is, how do you improve your body image? Every article I have read on the topic has made me think, ‘sure, I will like the way I look just after I lose 15% of my body weight’. Sadly that isn’t the case – I still didn’t like my body that much when I could fit into my Europe pants. So how do you love your body even when you think it’s ugly? Here is an interesting article about body mania.

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